15 Kitchens That Are Perfect for Small Homes

There are many things to consider about your home when it comes to decorating, but the size of space is without a doubt the most important. Knowing the dimensions of your rooms is crucial, because only then can you start to consider the size of the furniture you will choose, what colours will work on the walls, and the types of materials to use

Obviously, if the measurements of your home are a little on the small side then decorating might pose a bit of an issue. However, it's not impossible! For example, a kitchen that only measures a few square meters can still be decorated with good taste and style. So if you have a small kitchen, don't be discouraged! Check out these 15 innovative kitchen design ideas and take note…

1. Break up the space with colour

espace kitchenette by Laure van Gaver

Small homes often have an open-plan kitchen, living and dining area at their core, so it's important to break up and delineate that space. A practical way to do this is by using colour in both the furniture and the walls to mark out what belongs to one room and what to another.

2. Include a kitchen island

by A.workshop

Island worktops are becoming ever more popular in kitchens across the world, as they make the space more functional and dynamic. It allows you to separate the kitchen from other areas, such as the living room or the kitchen. It can also double up as a makeshift dining table, while also increasing valuable prep space.

3. Adapt your kitchen

Kitchenette by Sigmar

Every small place can be adapted to suit your needs, and this room proves it. This kitchen has the basics for cooking, washing, eating—and even sleeping! It's more than just a kitchen, it's a multifunctional living space.

4. T time

Beach House - Kitchenette by Santiago | Interior Design Studio

Furniture for small spaces should be practical and functional. That's why the quirky, often overlooked T-shaped kitchen is great—it allows free circulation, extra countertops and more space for storage.

5. Puzzle piece furniture

by Sandrine Carré

Corners might seem awkward at first, but they can be very useful when you know how to fill them with the appropriate furniture. The table in this beautiful L-shaped kitchen looks made to measure, and it fits into the space perfectly. it's the ideal place to drink a coffee in the morning before work, and can double up as a work surface when it's time to cook at night.

6. Lovely and luminous

Séjour & cuisine by Design By Solène Utard

White is the classic go-to colour for kitchens, and for good reason. It lends any room a feeling of lightness and expansion, and when combined with a clever lighting scheme it can achieve a tidy, modern look.

7. Stack it high

by Géraldine Laferté

Don't forget to use the vertical space in your home, especially if you have high ceilings. Install tall cupboards to extra storage space, and keep appliances stored up and away when they're not being used.

8. Unify the colour

by Studio Duggan

Keep your kitchen sleek and open by implementing a monochromatic colour scheme. Go on, be bold—the payoff is worth it!

9. Use your walls as storage

by Atelier Grey

Every kitchen needs a lot of storage space—where would you put all of those groceries otherwise? However, too many cabinets or cupboards can make a small space look cramped and uncomfortable.

The solution?  Use your walls to hang open shelves, utensil hooks and plant pots to keep the kitchen looking organised, but just a little eccentric.

10. What can you hide?


Install folding doors between your kitchen and dining space, so that you don't have to see all of that mess you've created when you sit down for dinner! Just leave it until later…

11. Don't cut corners

by Erika Winters Design

Smaller rooms look even more cramped when you don't take advantage of corners. Sure, they represent a great challenge, but when they are well designed they look a million dollars. Just look at the design above, everything fits in perfectly at 90 degree angles, and nothing looks out of place.

12. Structure is key

by Diseño Distrito Federal

Find the right shape for your kitchen. Whether L-shaped, one wall, or T-model, choosing the correct layout will save your kitchen from being a design disaster.

13. Embrace the small dimensions

by PARKdesigned Architects

Once you learn to love your small kitchen, anything is possible… just check out this modern mini masterpiece for proof!

14. Seek out discreet furniture

by Grange México

Modern furniture isn't just innovative—it's practical, too. Just look at these transparent chairs. They're more than just a novelty—they blend into the background, creating the illusion of more space underneath the breakfast bar. 

15. Don't close your kitchen in

강아지와 함께하는 전원주택 by 한글주택(주)

Allow your kitchen the space to breathe. Don't limit it to one tiny room—if possible, knock down a wall or two and create an open plan space where the living room and kitchen is combined. This will allow light and fresh air to flow through the room, and will make your home feel so much roomier than it did before.