Do you know how “Lighting” can make a different to your Kitchen Cabinet?

Do you know how “Lighting” can make a different to your Kitchen Cabinet?

But wait, what lighting effects should you use?

When it comes to the kitchen, lighting is one of the most important aspects. Not only does it help you see what you are cutting up or stirring in the pot, it also defines the unique style and feel of your kitchen space.

While overhead lighting is the priority for many homeowners, you should also consider installing under cabinet lighting. This refers to a variety of light fixtures installed on the underside of cabinets. These lights are important for work space lighting or as aesthetic complements or both. In this comprehensive guide, we compare various types of under cabinet lighting. In Kitchen Story, we also provide some helpful shopping advice, detailing the important features you should consider when looking for the best under cabinet lighting.

The effects of lighting are also different by using different types of lighting. Effects of lighting are explain as below :

(Picture is from 14.12.2018

LED Strips – Stable lighting with not breakage as it comes from a full long strip. It also very suitable for those who spend more time in their kitchen as it is very efficient in energy consume.

LED lighting has had a particularly good run as homeowners change over from traditional incandescent bulbs. It provides good lighting for activities, comes in a variety of colors and the bulbs last for a really long time. This has made it a popular option for under-cabinet lighting.  
Under cabinet LED lights come in different forms including pucks, strips, and bars. When fixed under the wall cabinetry, they help add light to the working area as well as improve the overall ambiance

Fluorescents T5 – Brighter lighting however it takes a little extra space to install it. The maximum length of the tube is 4 feet. Having said that, if your kitchen wall cabinet is longer than 4 feet, you will need to join another Fluorescent T5 tube(which can caused breakage for lighting effect)

Eyeball downlight – It focuses on one spot in triangle shape rather than full area.  It is quite popular for those we have more requirement in interior design mindset. The lighting effect goes well with great kitchen cabinet design & wall tiles.

All in all, choosing a lighting under kitchen cabinet is totally depends on an individual’s preference. It could be the effects , maintenance, budget and so on.

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