How To Fix Your Sticking Door? D.I.Y

Your kitchen door also have this problem?
Worrying of paying expensive service fees?

Having sticking cabinet door? You can fix it by yourself in few minutes.
After few years, your kitchen cabinet doors can begin sticking even if you have been taking care with it normally. Kitchen cabinets door opened and closed several times each day and if every single family member opens just three or four cabinets a day, this amount will then consider wear and tear.
Fortunately with few simple tools and supplies, they are easy to repair or adjust sticking cabinet doors and restore their functionality and former align appearance.

Follow the step below:
Prepare a Screwdriver (Philips type)

Open your kitchen cabinet door and locate the hinges(it is normally located at the top and bottom position of the cabinet body)
Place your screwdriver into the position that is shown on picture.

Turning anti-clockwise to move your kitchen cabinet door closer to the edge(this is to make the gap wider)

Turning clockwise to move your kitchen cabinet door toward the other door(this is to make the gap closer)

You have save wallet by at least RM80-RM120 for getting cabinet specialist to fix it for you.
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By Kitchen Story Sdn.Bhd.