Our Team

Interior Sales Designer, as a bridge between clients and internal production, is tasked to translate requirement and preference from clients into masterpiece, by balancing carpentry limitation and clients ‘choice. Our Interior Designers are unique and special, they are required to undergo thorough training on carpentry fabrication processes & material properties and selection for minimum 1 month before they can meet any prospects, when they first join. This is the standard of KS for newbies.

With younger-generation thoughts and design skills of kitchen story interior design team, we always stay alert to current market trend and needs to make sure that we deliver masterpiece to our clients.  With digitalization and rapid change of software under designing, our in-house interior designers are bound to register courses at least twice a year for skill upgrading, not just designing skill but also adaption to latest software. Investing in super-computer and genuine design software’s for designing efficiency.
Well-Trained professional in skillsets
Doreen Goh
Chief Designer , General Manager
Nigel Keh
Executive Director
Interior Designer
Interior Designer
Claire Chuah
Senior Interior Designer
Senior Interior Designer
Howard Lim
Interior Designer
Interior Designer
Irene Choe
Admin / HR
Each of production workers has to continuously register for courses or workshop for at least two times in a year, to keep abreast with latest advance technologies in wood processing. With that, they are exposed to best practices in production methods, latest machineries and accessories. Besides, we have “peer-learning and sharing” weekly, with that, each of them are competing for best ideas and methods for production improvement.